A downloadable game for Windows

H3H3productions & friends in a full-length, Super Nintendo-style RPG!

  • Movie-like, connected narrative that ties H3H3's videos together.
  • Large areas to explore including Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, and New York.
  • Classic turn-based battles with dozens of skills to master.
  • Minigames and puzzles to solve.
  • Fleshed out environments with sidequests, NPCs, and secrets.
  • Pixel art and music by Marfy (Known for "Church of the Helix Choir - Praise The Helix").
  • The spiciest memes from the H3H3 universe, and beyond.
  • Cameo appearances from popular content creators.

Development began in December 2015. A demo was released in January 2017. As of May 2018, the game is still being worked on, but not as a priority as I'm working on a degree. I get around to this hobby passion-project when I can, and it's moving along, though slowly. Currently, the plan is to change the game's title to "Fupa Fantasy" from H3H3RPG. Just to have a bit more of a unique identity, and I mean, c'mon, it's funny!

“H3H3 RPG (Also known as 'Fupa Fantasy')” is a fictional origin story inspired by the comedy sketches and vlogs of Ethan and Hila Klein of YouTube channel H3H3productions. It's expressed through an old-school JRPG format. The narrative begins with Ethan and Hila’s early years as a newlywed couple in Israel, living with their friend Sean Balogh, as the duo struggle to find their creative place in the world amid a stressful 9-to-5 marketing job for Ethan and a pretentious art school that causes trouble for Hila. 

While trying to make YouTube videos for a chance at a better life, they come across awkward and exaggerated personalities known as “living memes”. Those characters bring absurd and goofy twists to the story, turning Ethan and Hila's world upside down. Any more details, and we would get into spoiler-territory, but there are definitely some silly JRPG tropes and hammy action/drama sequences to keep things interesting.

The game has big ambition and story building up to an epic conclusion, but overall, the journey is light-hearted and comedic, keeping in tone with the source material. The environments are an exaggerated version of H3's viewpoints, sketches, and stories that have come to life in a more literal, surreal way. 

Though cartoonish and played out for comedy, at times the story and themes could be a little intense and complex for those who don’t get or appreciate the source material, and based on language and suggestive material alone, the game would receive an “M” rating from the ESRB, so I wouldn’t recommend it to kids. It's more so for the mature, bit more grown up fans of games like Earthbound and Mario RPG, along with fans of edgier YouTube content. (To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ btw...)

This is and always will be a free fan-game, and I'm not officially connected to or endorsed by H3H3. Before working on this project, I made songs about Twitch Plays Pokémon as "Church Of The Helix Choir". When that was over, I wanted a new creative outlet, and being a H3 & RPG fan, I decided to make this game my new jam.

Also, it should be obvious, but this game is a work of fiction, and though some details overlap with stories Ethan and Hila Klein have told about their lives, any relation to real-life events is entirely coincidental. None of the game's characterizations, dialogue, or story are to be taken as factual statements about any of the real-life people this game portrays. Any portrayals of political, religious, and sexual topics do not mean they reflect the views of H3H3, any person parodied in the game as a character, or the game's author Marfy. This is a non-profit work of art protected under fair use for the “transformative” purposes of commenting upon, criticizing, and parodying the original works.

Any feedback or questions, reach out to marfyofficial@gmail.com.

Install instructions

Unzip and open the Game.exe or Game.app. (Mac users may need to go to System Preferences>Security & Privacy>General>"Allow apps downloaded from anywhere")


H3H3 RPG Demo v1.01 (Windows).zip 132 MB
H3H3 RPG Demo v1.01 (Mac).zip 133 MB


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Similar to Undertale, it relies on good dialogue, a nice leitmotif and humor that a certain target audience understands. I feel like your a little too restricted at the beginning, blocked off from certain parts of the town which I think are unfinished. Keep up the good work!

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Thank you! And yes, you will be able to explore more in the full version.